As we are growing up, and as the progress moves forward, we hear a lot of things, that no one ever researched, but people found it logical enough to believe in it. Remember you or someone you know has been told: or “if you don’t eat cereal, you will never grow higher” or “without a college diploma, you will never succeed in life.” And years later you’re questioning: I ate so much cereal, why am I so short? Or how did Strategic Management diploma helped me to become an actress?


Same, in a skin care department there is something that we’ve been told many years ago and still use it without a doubt. For example, when I was younger we used to burn our pimples with alcohol – because logically it supposes to dry out the excess oils and the pimple’s filling, so as the skin around to prevent that pimple from reoccurring. But indeed, what alcohol does to your pimple is provokes the oil glands that are inside of your pores to over produce oil to fulfill the unexpected dry out (MYTH #1).


MYTH #2: Coconut Oil is a great moisturizer, and I am going to use it forever on my face. Coconut oil is great for cooking, but you should be careful to use it as your skin care routine. At first, you will get amazing results from applying it on your face, but after two weeks your dry skin will be overly dried, and your acne will have a big party. Coconut oil is great by being a part of skin care products, mixed with other natural ingredients and oils. Also , you can switch Coconut Oil with Shea Butter every month to get the best out of it.


MYTH #3: Wash your face more often to get rid of acnes. Here I should say that acnes are not the matter of your hygiene and rarely come from dirt. If you were to check this blog written by the American Acne Foundation, you’d know that acne occurs in your skin on a deeper level, and you should visit the dermatologist to give you the idea of the treatment. Washing face too often can cause irritation and even more acne.


MYTH #4: Drinking more water will cure dry skin. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The reason for our skin being dry that the skin cell’s barrier has been disrupted that caused the loss of moisture. So you have to use moisturizing crèmes and lotions to cure your dry skin. First of all, stay out of the sun, bad alcohol in skincare and smoking. And drinking more water than your body needs will only make you run for a bathroom more often.


MYTH #5: You don’t need a sunscreen on a cloudy day. Actually on a cloudy day, harmful UV radiation is still coming through, but the weather itself make it easier for you to ignore. Make sure you never skip a sunscreen on a cloudy day if you want your skin to stay young and radiant as long as possible.


MYTH #6: Tanning Beds are less harmful than the sun. Tanning beds are much more harmful because you get same radiation and skin burns faster than if you’d lay down under the sun. On a beach, the effect soothes down to the length of time. In a tanning bed, your skin burns in a few minutes, therefore, give a very strong harmful effect.


MYTH #7: Fast food may cause acne. The food itself is not going to cause acne. It can cause inflammation or raise a hormonal level, which indeed may lead to acne and other skin problems.


MYTH #8: Skin adapts to the products you use and they stop working. When the product is good and contain a lot of natural ingredients, your skin is never going to get tired of it, same as you never get tired of water, vegetables and fruits. And the skin care products are keep working on your skin. The only reason why you see the more crucial result, in the beginning, is that because the product makes your skin recover to the normal condition.


MYTH #9: Wearing makes up leads to acne skin. Make us doesn’t cause acne, because it designed to stay on the skin without getting deep into pores. Thick moisturizers may cause acne clogging the pores, it also may happen if you are not removing your make up at night and ignoring necessary skin care routine.


MYTH #10: Alcohol is bad for your skin. Alcohol much needed in a skin care to help the ingredients absorb into your skin and keep them together in a cream paste. There are two types of alcohol – simple alcohol – which is extremely bad for your skin and dries it out very fast. There is another alcohol – that came from plants – this one moisturizes your skin pretty well and does only good. To know more afrog-48234_960_720bout which one is which you can read the article GOOD AND BAD ALCOHOL IN SKIN CARE.


Here are the most common myths you need to know. And this is just in skin care world, imagine how many of those we adopted in regular life. All we can do is take care of ourselves and do a thorough research before using “well known” methods. Our skin condition totally depends on our routine, not on Genetics or Skin Type.


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