Clear skin is always attractive. Facial features don’t matter much if the person has a clear, radiant, glowing and velvet skin with even skin tone! That’s one of the reasons why we get a tan – it can hide all skin imperfections pretty well! But, it also dries and wears out your skin…

What if I told you that there are healthy ways to achieve an acne-free, spot-free, glowing skin with no inflammation and even skin tone?

The major factors which significantly worsen our skin conditions include: alcohol, cigarettes, UV Rays, pollution, lack of sleep and stress.


1. Our emotional condition.
angerWomen are more emotionally unstable so our face may go through a hundred different expressions a day. While our brains calm down eventually the next day and we feel great again, the stress that we had endured yesterday could have already caused the development of skin wrinkles. Stress is also messing up with our hormones, which take a toll our skin eventually.

So, here are my advice on how to deal with our emotions:
• Have a cup of chamomile tea and think about your skin everytime you start stressing out.
• Treat yourself to spa and massage therapies at least once a month.
• Gym, yoga, sex and taking a bath are also great stress relievers! Do those.pool-690034_960_720

2. Keep your things clean.
• It’s very important to wash your pillow cases once a week because that’s where oils and bacteria can dwell the most. • Make sure to tie your hair so they do not touch your face. Your hair may contain sweat, dirt and other oils.
bacteria-156868_960_720• Use alcohol to sanitize your phone every day. Besides your cheek, your phone have contact with your purse, other belongings in your bag and god knows what else!
• Observe the same procedure when cleaning your sunglasses. Just like our phones, they also collect a lot of bacteria, which could be transferred to your face when you use them!

3. Re-evaluate your diet.
• Add more greens to your meal and have some berries in the morning. Veggies and berries are very rich in antioxidants. They will fill your body with vitamins and minerals and stabilize your digestive system. Your health will eventually be projected on your skin, giving it a healthy glow.salad-652503_960_720
• Drink 1 cup of organic green tea every day. It will help you to wash out the toxins and make your skin tone more even.
• Exclude dairy – even organic ones. They contain cow hormones which can affect your own, causing hormonal imbalance and breakouts. I get my latte with almond milk and I love it!
• Drink a lot of water! Water will help you fight wrinkles and inflammation. It will also help you in keeping your skin moisturized! You can read about all the miracle that water can do to you in my article 4 EASY STEPS TO FIGHT WRINKLES: WATER.


1. DO NOT PICK! BUT IF YOU DO, do it right! Sterilize the needle with alcohol and slightly puncture the pimple head, just enough to open it up. Use a clean napkin to squeeze it out. Cover it with the bandage right after to aid healing. You can use CLEAN & CLEAR Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Drying Paste.

2. CLEANSE. Use a cleanser in the evening and in the morning. The purpose of cleansing is cleanserto remove dirt and extra oils which cause bacteria. Use cleansers that don’t contain unnecessary chemicals and are more natural like OZ NATURAL Fascial Cleanser, Organic Face Wash.

3. EXFOLIATE your face and body while you are in the shower. Warm steam will open up your pores and let all the excessive oils and dirtcoffescrub leave your clogged pores easily. A face scrub like ST IVES Apricot Scrub, Blemish Control is pretty gentle so you can use it 1-2 times a week. On the other hand, the body scrub should only be used solely for the body, because it has stronger grains to properly exfoliate body skin. I like to use Amazon Best Seller Arabica Coffee Scrub on my body.

4. CLAY MASK is the most basic facial mask. It is popular because it has amazing healing properties aside from its beauty effects! It tighten your pores, removes inflammation, heals your pimples and even fights wrinkles! You caclayn find clay masks in a powder form (original, needs to be mixed in water) like ILLITE Green Clay Super Fine Powder, or in a ready-to-use form like AZTEC SECRET Indian Healing Clay.

6. MOISTURIZE your face and body right away before your toner dries out! The best body moisturizing ingredient is shea and cocoa butter, so use one that contains these. A good example is PALMER’S Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Aside from moisturizers, you can use face cream. But, face cream is more specific that choosing one depends on a lot of factors. I will just cover that in my future episode. But, maybe you already have a face cream that is working for you now!

7. SUNSCREEN is important to use every day, no matter what the season is! It does not only protect your skin from wrinkles, dark spots and harmful UV rays, but also from the radiation from indoor light bulbs and bright computer screens! I use ANDRE LORENT Rehydrating Sunscreen with Vitamins A, B, C and E.

8. SERUM AND RETINOL are essential when you want to help your skin 61f8DrwfNML._SY355_produce new, healthy cells. They increase collagen production, improving the skin tone and structure, making you look more youthful. You can readily get hold of these ingredients raw through products like PREMIUM Retinol Cream and Moisturizer or OZ NATURALS Vitamin C Serum. You can also look for it in various products which contain them both like ART NATURALS Retinol, Serum, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Don’t forget to read the instructions before using it for better skin results!serum


It’s IMPORTANT to know that you should keep your products as simple as possible. Change them every 3 months, so your skin will always be pleasantly surprised with the new combination of vitamins and minerals which the products provide. You will get better effects as well.


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