We are all chasing a dream to have a velvety, plump, younger-looking and radiant skin. We are willing to work towards achieving it. Some people were born with naturally healthy skin that they can reach skin perfection in just one straight step. Others who have thin, sensitive skin have to go through a huge staircase without rails just to achieve a healthy skin. I am one of those “others” therefore, I know the struggles we need to overcome.

This is one of the first problems we have to face as we were growing up – cracked, dry skin.

The cracks on your skin easily appear in the most sensitive parts of your body – lips, mouth corners, under the nostrils, hands, feet, elbows, knees and leg calves. To avoid skin cracking, we need to be aware of how we treat our bodies.


  1. Lack of Vitamins,
  2. Environmental factors,
  3. The way you wash your body,
  4. The way you use or don’t use body care products.


  1. Vitamins are important for our bodies. During the summertime, we eat more berries, fruits and vegetables and our skin gets enough of natural vitamins and minerals. It looks its best during these times. During other seasons, butternut-squash-399415_960_720like fall and spring, our body’s immune system is more sensitive and requires more attention and care. That’s the reason why we usually gain weight when winter comes close – our body is trying to restore the vitamin imbalance. It asks for the deficiencies, making us feel constant hunger. Consider taking additional vitamins during those seasons. The vitamins your skin needs are Vitamin A,C, D, E and K.
  • Vitamin A: retinol and beta-carotene. This vitamin is in charge of thickens and stimulates the dermis, stimulates collagen production, making skin more elastic. It also helps with blood circulation, helping your skin cracks heal faster and prevent the appearance of new ones. You may find it in food like carrots, egg yolks, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, spinach, kale, squash, and beef. There are also many skin care products that have Vitamin A, like Retinol Cream on its own. You can also combine Retinol Cream with other vitamins.
  • Vitamin C and E. They are usually more effective when they are taken simultaneously. These vitamins are our everything– it helps with collagen production, skin brightening and immune system strengthening. You may find it in kiwi, oranges and leafy greens. You may want to include it in your skin care essentials. You can use Organic Vitamin C+E Serum for face.
  • Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption, reduces 81yX9g3pJvL._SY355_inflammation and irritation. This vitamin is widely used in creams which treat psoriasis, a dry skin disease. You can get Vitamin D from salmon, milk, mushrooms, tuna and eggs. A good supplement would be Salam Vitamins, Vitamin D3 in soft gels.
  • Vitamin K helps with healing wounds. It has a major role in blood clotting, thus it is widely used in a surgery. You may find it in basil, kale, onions, pickles, olive oil and dry fruits. However, this vitamin is less powerful than vitamin C and E.
  1. Environmental factors. During the cold season, we should be most aware of our skin losing moisture 10 times faster, therefore it is more prone to cracking during these times. Put your glovesnowman-1096109_960_720s on, your scarf and earmuffs as well. Better have multiple layers of clothing protecting your body. Make sure your moisturizing creams are much heavier compared to the ones you use during the summertime. Read more about How To Protect Your Skin in a Cold Weather.
  1. The way you wash your body.
  • Hot showers are very pleasant and cozy, but the downside is they dry out the skin faster than you think! Hot water safety-shower-98580_960_720destroys our skin’s protective natural oil layer and sucks out the precious moisture from it. Drop the temperature even just a bit when you shower. You will feel much smoother skin in less than a week. If you want to occasionally treat your skin with a warm bath, add a few drops of essential oils in it to lessen the drying effect.
  • The Soap and Body Wash that we use often contain harmful chemicals. This can be one of the reasons why our skin feels very tight and dry right after showering. It’s important to pick the products that you will use with more care. Choose the ones with the most natural ingredients and avoid those with artificial fragrances.
  1. The way you use or don’t use body care products. Your skin dries out. If you don’t do proper actions, it cracks. To prevent cracks, prevent the dryness in the first place.

Make sure you moisturize your body twice a day — in the morning and before you go to bed. During the rest of the 71kit88FTWL._SY355_day, moisturize your most sensitive parts twice. It’s wise to always have a cream with you. The greasiest the cream is, the better. I use Palmer’s Cocoa Formula and it’s the best one that I have used so far. You can find it in every pharmacy – big bottles and small portable ones. For faster crack healing, add Extra Virgin Olive Oil into your night moisturizer. When the mixture starts to be absorbed by your skin, put Vaseline on top. Vaseline helps your skin retain moisture, but doesn’t have the moisturizing effect on its own. That’s why it’s more effective if you apply it on top of a moisturizer.

As we get older, our skin is able to retain moisture less, causing skin cracks and skin dryness. These will eventually lead to appearance of wrinkles. If you are aware of that and you strive to maintain the moisture on your skin properly on a daily basis, you will be able to prolong your youthful skin and delay the appearance of wrinkles on your face. The key is persistence and discipline in observing our skin routines.


Our muscles need exercises, our brain needs stimulation, our skin needs constant care to stay beautiful and young!

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