eye-drops-280627_960_720Pink Eye is a very unexpected and highly annoying little problem. You can’t hide it under your makeup or clothes. Once this problem occurs, you’re practically helpless! I used to have this a lot in school because I always get an infection from using 6-to-12-month contact lenses. There’s was no way I would wear a glasses instead! It was a very big deal for society back then. Even now, pink eye occasionally visits me. It’s a very big problem for me because I need to wear contacts and look good for camera close-ups!

Let’s identify the causes of Pink Eye:

• Infection and Bacteria

Pink eye due to infection usually can occur if you touch your face and eyes with dirty hands, or you’ve been in the dusty area, or you used somebody else’s makeup or towels. Failing to properly sanitize your hands before applying contact lenses can also be a cause.
• Allergy
Allergy-driven pink eye is usually seasonal. This type is usually an itchy one and comes with a sneezy nose and swelling face. It can also be a result of a chemical allergy reaction around areas like construction site, chemical factory and institutes.


So how can we deal with pink eye?

EASY WAY#1 Herbal tea bagteabag-549799_960_720

Let the bag sit in a warm water for a bit and then apply it on your eye for 20 minutes. You can repeat the procedure multiple times a day, as a warm herbal compress brings no harm to your eye!

EASY WAY#2 Local Honey

It’s a very popular remedy to treat Pink Eye. The recipe is simple: take ½ cup of water and add ½ tablespoon of honey to it. The honey should be local and water should be purified or distilled to avoid harmful chemicals going into your eye. Mix it all together and use as drops for your eyes every couple of hours.
honey-341566_960_720By the way, if you consume a teaspoon of local honey every day, it will relieve you from the most of your allergies!

EASY WAY#3 Organic Salt

Salt is one of the best natural bacteria killers. You can use it on your wounds, but it’s going to hurt. People who suffer from psoriasis heal their skin by swimming in the ocean and applying salty water on the spots that need it. Remember to only use organic salt or a sea salt.

To use salt to cure pink eye, take ½ tablespoon of salt, pour it into a glass of cold water. Wait till it melts (for salt, temperature doesn’t matter and it melts equally fast in cold and in hot water. Sugar, on the other hand, melts faster in hot water). Use the solution as eye drops twice a day. You can also add salt to REMEDY#2, which is honey.

EASY WAY#4 Eye drops

You can use Similasan Irritated Eye Relief Drops as much as you need and it works pretty well! It hasirr 4.5 Amazon Stars and here is one of the satisfied customers reviews:
5.0 out of 5 stars, Impressed
“By Michelle:
My sister left for home just before New Years with a case of pink eye. Yesterday I woke up with an oozing, crusty pink eye. I was so frustrated because I could not call off work this week. I read the positive reviews here and purchased this at my local drugstore before work. I used it every few hours yesterday and this morning and now my eye is completely normal. I really didn’t expect it to work. It’s nice because I saved myself a $30 copay plus a RX cost. I definitely recommend. I have 3 kids so it’s a relief to have an alternative to expensive doctor visits.”

EASY WAY#5 Eye Vitamins

Your eyes have the same immune system that your whole body does!  So, if they suffer from the lack of needed vitamins, they are going to be more sensitive to outside environment and most likely, you’ll get sick quiteoften.
The vitamins your eyes need are:
• Vitamin A. It acts as antioxidants, protecting the surface of your eye from bacteria, infection and viruses. You can get this vitamin from milk, cheese, carrots, kale and spinach.french-cheese-217058_960_720
• Vitamin E. It plays a big role in preventing eye cataracts and macular degeneration. You get it from nuts, avocadoes, broccoli, kib12wi, fish.
• Vitamin B plays a vital role in your eye immune system and your vision. The lack of Vitamin B-12 may cause your vision to worsen or may cause you to experience double vision! It is mostly experienced by vegans (like me and it actually happens a lot while I drive). It’s because we do not consume meat products, where this Vitamin concentrated.
The products are beef, eggs, cheese, milk, fish, shellfish, crab and all cereals.

It’s not easy to absorb the needed amount of vitamins just by eating food. To help your eyes stay healthy and look good, you may consider additional supplementseyev. I use Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12) and PreserVision AREDS 2 Vitamin A,C,E & Mineral Supplement. This way, I know that no matter what I eat, the supplements are there to help give my eyes the supplements that they need!






Most importantly, remember to let your eye rest! Don’t overload it with reading, TV or computer. Resting your eyes for 4-7 days will help heal the pink eye naturally.

With all this knowledge, you can protect your eyes and help them stay beautiful the whole time! Practice these so you can enjoy the beauty of our world from 20, 30 and even 50 years from now!


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