Under eye bags and puffiness are annoying friends of our face and we know so little about them. Most likely, they are visiting you when you constantly sleep late, over exhaust your body, eat a lot of salty food, drink too much water before going to bed or you have consistent allergies. With age, they become more and more persistent and you often find them permanent residents under your beautiful eyes.



Our under eye world consist of muscle, fat, and skin. When we have allergies or if we eat too much salt, the water gets locked under or eyes, making them puffy and dark.

Why dark? The skin under our eyes has the thinnest layer (after lips). With age, the skin becomes sagged as the collagen reduces in amount. Sometimes, you can see purplish under-eye muscles and the veins that run underneath the skin. As we get older, the muscle becomes weaker as well. This explains why the “drooping effect” occurs. There is a surgery which can remove or replace extra fat from under your eyes if your case is extreme.
Some people naturally have dark circles under their eyes, an easy way for pigmentation to occur. With the proper treatment, you can easily light it up 1-2 tones.


Don’t worry, everything is curable with good skin treatment. So, do you have puffy eyes, under-eye bags and dark circles? Let’s figure out how to fight them!


  1. First what you can do is to wash your face with the cold water. Then, ice-cube-295036_960_720cold compress your eyes for about 10 minutes. Wrap ice in a face towel. You may need to have Elasto Hot/Cold Sinus Mask to treat your puffy eyes on a regular basis.
  2. Place cotton balls soaked in cooled green tea over closed eyes for 20 minutes – it will reduce the puffiness and make your under-eye skin a tone lighter, giving your eyes a fresh, well-rested look.
  3. IMG_5325Drink a glass of salty water that will help the stagnated water move away from under your eyes. This helps reduce your eyes puffiness. Drink a lot of water in general. When your body constantly thirsts, it starts saving what’s left of it right under your eyes.
  4. Consider to have an eye gel that will help you to fight puffiness, bags and dark circle like Cooling Eye Gel Cream by Body Merry.

gellKeep your gel in the refrigerator for best results.

5. Eye Massage. We can massage the annoying eye bags out! Know that nasal congestion is one of the common causes of dark circles. Ever notice the tears that form on your eyes when you’re sneezing? There is a connection is right there. To minimize under-eye circles, gently massage from your inner eye corner towards under your brow bone. And let it loose further that way. Do that for 3-5 min. Do the same for the lower part of your eyes for 1-2 min. Remember, only massage where you feel the bone. The soft eye bag is very sensitive.

6. Treatment of puffiness, bags and dark circle may take a while. So inclconsealerude in a good concealer, like Dermablend Quick Fix SOF 30 in your makeup routine. I trust this brand because it’s the only one that can perfectly cover up my tattoo when I’m on set. When applying a concealer to cover up the puffiness – only apply it under the bag just to cover the shadow of it. This will solve the problem!

If you use these tips on a regular basis, you will surely be happy with the results.




Important to remember:

  • Treat your allergies! (Tip: A spoon of local honey every morning will drive allergies away.)
  • Balance your diet. Eliminate salty food, alcohol and develop a “one healthy meal a day habit.”
  • Watch out for crying! Sudden water loss will cause the salt concentrate, and salt retains excess bodily fluids, which causes under-eye bags.
  • Have a good rest and go to bed early. Staying up after 12 midnight will affect your under eye color. So, after 6 months of sleeping late, you will begin to notice that bags and dark circles are permanent parts of your face.


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