Even if you live in the area when summer is all year long, still the summer summer sunshine is the most intense, therefore more harmful.

As you can see how plants are drying out under the sun and hair color lightens up, it’s easy to come to a realization that we need to protect our skin and hair if we want to look fresh and beautiful.


So what should you do to still look like you’re in a blooming spring for the whole summer?


  1. Watch out for air conditioners – straight waves give your skin and hair same effect as a hair dryer.


  1. Careful with the swimming pools – chlorine that is used in every pool doesn’t do good for your skin and hair. This is the reason why you’re suggested to rinse your body and hair before swimming. Fresh water will protect your body from absorbing unnecessary chemicals and also prevent the bacteria that forms from the combination of your sweat + chlorine.

To neutral the chlorine effect you can also use a Vitamin C mixed with water to spray your body after swimming.


If swimming pool is your favorite thing to do, you can get a Vitamin C Powder, mix a little bit of it with water and care if with you in spray bottle. For those who has a swimming pool at home, I would recommend a Vitamin C Shower Head so you can have a highly beneficial shower every day.



  1. Switch the part on your head. Nothing is more annoying that a red line on your scalp for the whole summer straight. Change your part to avoid overexposure of your scalp and roots to the sun.


  1. Consider to use thermal protection sprays on your hair to protect them from drying (especially if you’re a fan of flat iron and curling) and keep it’s nice texture al year long. InstaNatural Thermal Protector Spray contains Organ Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin B5 that is good for the hair texture and protecting against the excessive heat very well. For a regular UV protection spray, I like Schwarzkopf Professional Sun Protect Spray Conditioner.












  1. When summer comes, it’s time to reorganize your skincare routine. Leave the heavy moisturizers for winter and get lighter creams and lotions. The one that is great for a summer time is Aloe Vera gel. It will sooth your skin, calms down the redness and restores the moisture of your skin after a hot summer day. ArtNaturals Organic Aloe Vera Gel get you can use for body and hair.


  1. Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen! Summer is here if you have no excuses unless you want to be always red, burned, with appearing water bubbles on your skin, skin shading like a snake and in endless pain. Does it sound good? If no, get the sunscreen! How to get the right one you can read in my article SUN PROTECTION: WHY AND HOW TO HELP YOUR SKIN.



And remember: always enjoy your time out! Even if you forgot to put a sunscreen today or didn’t get to eat enough of fruits or accidentally been thrown into a pool at the party and didn’t have time to rinse your hair – it’s OK. Happy person with a few wrinkles looks cuter than perfectly smooth emotionless statue. How you enjoy your life, that’s what matters.


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