In this article I would like to tell you about seven curtail mistakes that we make during our regular skin care routine and have no idea about it!


  1. First of all – how do we choose our skin care? Make sure you get the one that is suitable for your skin type and your age! By using a skin care that was good for your in a previous decade, you are just letting your skin get saggy and old. By using a middle age anti-wrinkle cream in your twenties, you are doing a lot of harm to your skin by not giving it what it needs today. Skin care specialists are thoroughly researching what is the best for skin and what exactly it needs at the certain age for the particular skin type. So great idea to trust them.
  2. The second mistake is to use cleansers that foam very well. The more product foams, the more chemicals it has in it. Together with the excess oils, it washes off the oils and elements that create skin protection layer. Best would be choosing the cleanser to make sure it has natural ingredients and doesn’t transform into foam when to apply it on your face. I like to use Laritelle Organic Face Wash that consists out of natural ingredients and gently cleanses the face.Untitled (1)
  3. The third mistake we make is when we apply a moisturizer on a wet face. We tend to think this way the cream would lock the moisture on the skin. But it is not working this way. By applying the cream on wet skin, water barrier limits your cream’s moisturizing ability. Just let your skin dry first, and then apply your favorite skincare.
  4. The fourth mistake is to use powder multiple times throughout the day. During the hot season, our faces get shiny fast, and we love to keep applying our favorite powder to hide the shine. Too much powder eventually locks the pores which lead to skin problems like acne and excessive oil production. Instead, use Oil Absorbing Sheets. Very popular and good ones are Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets.Untitled (3)
  5.  The fifth mistake is to sleep with the face on a pillow. Sleeping like this, skin gets pressed which can lead to wrinkles appearance. Besides, during the sleep with the face on a pillow, skin interacts with oils and bacteria that’s left there from last night. Best would be to sleep on your spine and change the pillow cases often. There is a special pillowcase by Nufabrx for Blemish Prone Skin with the special serum that clears the skin and calming scents for better sleep.Untitled (2)
  6. The sixth mistake is forgetting about the lips. Dry and scaled lips are changing your whole face appearance. Remember to take care of it just as well as you do it for the face. When you go to bed, apply a Vaseline that will lock in the moisture and calm down the cracks. During the daytime, apply a lipstick with UV protection, like Kiss My Face Organic Sunscreen Lip Balm.Untitled
  7. The seventh mistake is the most common one. We only apply the sunscreen when to go outside (or only using it at the beach). But do you know that our skin gets a portion of UV radiation when you work at home by the computer? Apply sunscreen as a part of your skincare routine in a morning.


Here are the most dangerous mistakes you should avoid in the future and you skin will always look fresh and attractive.


Also, one of the most important factors is what we eat. Get a fresh vegetable juice in a morning and add a salad to your daily menu and you will see how the natural appearance of your skin is changing for the better, and some problems may just disappear.


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