Hey, guys! Did you have a good summer? Did your skin survive and you still look as hot as you were in May? Whether your answer is yes or no, here is the best skin care choices for you!


Our main skin problem during the whole summer was the excessive oil on a face. Now the sun gets milder, the breeze cooler and air drier. So the main skin problems in fall are:


– summer damages

– itching and cracking

– lack of moisture, dryness


And here we are, to figure the best way out for our skin!


Sun, salt water, tan and a constant heat are leaving a lot of autographs on your beautiful face. Starting with freckles, sun spots, continuing with wrinkles and skin exhaustion.


1) First of all, hydration is a must. Keep drinking lots of water and consume more food rich in Omega 3, Fatty acids and Vitamins A, C and E.

Apples, Avocadoes, Bananas, Beets, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Nuts, Garlic, Grapes, Kiwis, and Pomegranates are all working towards recovering your dehydrated skin from the inside.

2) Consider a good hydrating mask made out of natural ingredients at least once a week. My favorite super hydrating mask + glow booster is:


½ Avocado + ½ Banana + Egg yolk = happy moist and glowing face :D


3) Introduce natural oils to your daily skincare routine. I recently discovered Botanics Organic Facial Oil that contains a lot of herbs that are doing their job. My skin originally is very dry, oily and sensitivfaceoile (total disaster) and if the product I try somehow is not great, I get instant feedback with pimples, inflammation and excess oil on my face. So this Facial Oil absorbs smooth and well. It gave me perfect skin texture and even skin tone with the feeling of comfort on my face.


4) Organic Argan Oil. This oil is very popular because of its healing properties for hair, like repairing split ends and softenargan the texture. Also, Organic Argan Oil is working for the face to improve the skin after the sun&wind effects, removes fine lines and inflammation. Argan oil is an excellent anti-aging protector.







5) When it comes to the colder season, make sure everything you do to your face is more gentle. Even the scrub you usually used should be replaced with the oil-based one. Himalayan Salt Scrub with Organic Lavender Oil would do perfectly for body and feet and Argan Oil Sugar Scrub with Fig & Apricot for a face.


6) The good thing about the fall is that your sunscreen can finally be lighter, like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion SPF 15.


7) Do you still remember about magical properties of humidifier? In summer time the air was dry because of the heat and in a fall the air is dry because it’s getting cooler and crisp. So humidifier became a working non-stop must have gadget at my place. I got the simplest in use and with the biggest volume I could find on Amazon, so I add the water just two times a week. Ultrasonic 3,5 Liters Humidifier.


And remember, when the season’s change, our immune system weakens. So feed yourself with more vitamins and minerals, give yourself more hours of sleep and be aware of exhausting your body too much.

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