Surprisingly, remedies are always around us! But they are useless when don’t know about them! So today I’ll open the magic door into the unknown for you :D
When I was a kid, I loved trying out new things, especially if I’ve been told to not to. And one of my memorable discoveries happened on a cold winter day. In Russia, we used heavy winter batteries. They are attached to the walls, heating up our rooms with the help of the hot water that’s running in them.dancing-dave-minion-510835__180

Also, we had (oh, boy, still have!) occasional water shut downs. Hot water shutdowns in winter — and cold water shutdowns in summer time X_X. Anyway, during one of the winter shutdown days, my mom turned on the kitchen stoves to heat up our already freezing apartment. She told me not to touch it. :P

I was only 6 or 7 years old so, of course, I went to the kitchen and put the both palms of my cold little hands on top of the two ring stoves!

That was the first horrible burn in my life! I cried and screamed my lungs out. My mom applied cold water gels, but they barely helped so I was suffering for quite a while!

At some point, we accidentally burn ourselves when we cook, when we do barbecue parties or some other unfortunate instances. And the after-effect is a painful watery bubble on the affected spot!

I learned from a friend to use toothpaste to ease the burnt spot. Place it on the freshly burned spot on your skin, and… Oh, Miracle! — the pain will be gone in the same second! After 30 minutes, you can wash the toothpaste off and there only will be a pink spot – with no pain, no bubble and no major after-effects!


Here are more things the toothpaste is good at:

  1. finger-160597_960_720HAND SANITIZER:

Apply a small amount on your hand and wash it like you would normally wash your hands. Dirt and lots of bacterias will go, pulling away with them the unpleasant smells of fish or garlic.


Toothpaste will dry out pimples and even the skin tone around it! You can let it sit over night, but remember to use pure white toothpaste without any additional stripes or gel in it.


mosquito-23189__180Toothpaste has the following ingredients that can calm down burns and the itchiness from insect bites: peppermint and eucalyptus. If you experience this at home, you can also buy Peppermint Oil for specifically this case. But when you are outside traveling and you get mosquito bites or got yourself into a poison oak situation, toothpaste might be the easiest remedy to find – so always bring a tube!


  • Chemical burns is a different kind, so you need to see the specialist for that.
  • Use only pure white toothpaste for your skin. Watch out for these ingredients:

a) Bad Ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulfate, Triclosan, Sodium fluoride.

b) Good Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, Zinc.

31eBGuerhrL._SX466_I found a really cool Organic toothpaste Desert Essence with Natural TEA TREE and MIFullSizeRenderNT OIL that has all the right ingredients! And there’s this another one that’s a lot easier to find in stores, Tom’s Peppermint toothpaste.


Hope you enjoyed the read and never get to experience a burn pain again!

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