Last week, my friend Alexandra asked me about toners. We talked lots of useful stuff about it. So, today I dedicate the episode to the right toner choice.

Most of us (including me in a past) have no idea what the toner is all about that we just avoid it. We are happy with just cleansing and moisturizing our skin.

woman-296786_960_720But when I first introduced toner to my facial regimen, I was amazed by the surprising results! My very first toner was a homemade one. I then researched for the right type for my face that I can just buy from the store. I’ll tell you the homemade recipe later in this episode.

Choosing the right toner is not easy, but oh boy, when you found the right one, you’ll love the fresh and smooth effect it does to your face!

But what exactly does toner do to our skin? And why do we need it?

Toner balances your skin’s pH level. pH stands for Potential of Hydrogen and every organic substance has its own level. Our body’s pH is about 7, while our skin’s pH is 5.5. Water that we wash our face with has an 8-9 pH level. So right after washing, our skin is having a hard time restoring its natural pH balance back to 5.5. It takes up to 30 minutes and the reaction sometimes irritates the skin, causing disorders such as extremely dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

That’s where toner is supposed to come in to make our skin glorious and our lives easier! Not only does toner restore the skin’s pH level instantly, it also contains substances which closes our pores, whitens our skin tone, and improves our skin elasticity.

These are a few types of toners:

  1. Alcohol-based. These toners work best on people with overly oily skin and wide pores. I never use it because my skin is pretty sensitive and dry. And alcohol can easily burn it.
  2. Glycol-based with fragrances. These toners serve as fresheners and their focus is to instantly please you with the nice smell rather than provide your skin with the needed minerals and vitamins.
  3. Water-based. Toners may have natural fragrances to it. These toners are alcohol-free, filled with natural plants extracts and are the most beneficial for your skin.

The very first toner I every used was Ice Toner:

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of Tutsan into a cup filled with the hot water. Close the cup and let it sit for a day. After that pour that substance into your ice tray and use after the morning shower. Let it naturally dry out on your face, then apply moisturizer.
  2. Take a cucumber (or aloe vera leaf) and peel off the skin. Put it in a freezer and use it on your face after the shower.

You may also pour your favorite toner into an ice tray and use them as ice cubes on your face.
Ice, in general, helps with blood circulation, pore tightening and skin elasticity – so imagine what it does if it’s made of the right toner!


Bottled Toner:

I usually choose skin products based on natural ingredients in it. I use THAYERS WITCH HAZEL Aloe Vera Formula (#1 Best Seller ontoner Amazon), which contains Aloe Leaf extract, Citric Acid, Rose Water, Vegetable Glycerin and Grapefruit Extract — all that my skin needs to recharge and glow!

If you are having problems with oily skin, try DICKINSON’S Original Witch Hazel (4.5 stars on Amazon). It contains 14% of natural grain alcohol and should be a great solution. ton

If I’m not in a rush or if I’m planning to stay home, I use Organic ROSEHIP SEED OIL (4.5 stars on Amazon) after applying the toner. This seed oil has Omega3,6,9, Vitamins A,C and other ingredients that heal my skin, fight wrinkles, even the skin tone and naturally hydrate my face!

For better skin, follow the procedure Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize in therosehip evening and in the morning! When we sleep our body sweats too and it needs to have a cleansing ritual in a morning as well!







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