Hi darlings! <3

My name is Olya and I’m a self made skin expert. I’ve personally tested thousands of skin care products and methods over the years. I’m now here for you to share the most organic and natural ways and products, while being completely unbiased.


I was born in the small town in Russia that borders with China – Vladivostok. My country that time did not have an access to the ultra modern skin care products, so I learned from my mom and my friends’ moms a lot of home remedies how to treat your skin. After graduation I moved to China, and living there was pretty challenging for my skin. So I exchanged an experience with locals, and tried some new products which were quite different and effective, especially for the incurable skin condition that I have.

As I moved to Los Angeles, my skin improved a big time – we are truly blessed here with the air and water condition! :D


Based on my experience and experience of people surrounding me, I am here to cover the most sensitive subjects about the skin conditions you have and how to treat it! :*

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