Acne is one of the biggest skin problems we have. They start appearing on our faces when we hit 13 years old when we still don’t have the right idea what they are and what to do with them! I remember it took me a while until I realized how to pick it out! Before this valuable discovery, I felt very miserable coming to school with the black spot hanging under my nose!

Photo May 12, 12 32 49 PMEven though teen acnes are pretty embarrassing, adult acne too is far more uncomfortable, especially when they appear on your face and body!

People tend to think that it’s just dirt clogging through your pores given their black color.

But, I am going to tell you it is not dirt! If this belief makes you wash your face extra often, the condition of acne may even worsen because you’re irritating them every time you rub them!

Let’s first figure why acne occur?

Technically, the dead skin cells (which are reproduced every month) on your face mix with oil, clogging your pores. The result may be a whitehead or a blackhead – it depends on your skin pigmentation only, thanks to melanin! (It’s not dirt).
The oil glands, which help moisturize our skin, are located inside of the pores. Now, when acnethe pores get clogged, it loses space to breathe, not allowing oil to be released. So, the extra oils gets trapped in the pores, stretching it out. Acne bacteria feed on this oil, making them grow and multiply faster, leaving red inflammation spots all around the pimple.
Our skin gets stressed of the unexpected amount of oil and bacteria inside the pores. This triggers our immune system to fight the bacteria. It gets the help of the neighboring cells, so the skin around your pimple also starts swelling and turning red.

It’s good to know that fatty food and sugar don’t really provoke the acne. The same thing with drinking lot’s of water; it won’t cure it.
Nevertheless, unhealthy, fatty food may provoke the inflammation and weaken your immune system. This would lead to acne!

There are 2 types of acne:

EASY TYPE: Regular blackheads which don’t bring any harm. They usually disappear eventually on their own.

HEAVE DUTY: These are the most dangerous type of acne. This type is usually surrounded by painful inflamed skin! These types are the ones which can cause scars and they barely heal on their own. Proper treatment is required to treat them. If you failing to treat them properly, they will most likely leave scars on your face.





scr• Exfoliate your skin at least once a month, or once a week for better results. Use scrubs which are made of natural products. Examples are St Ives Apricot Scrub and Organic Exfoliating Body Scrub.
• You may as well use a gentle Facial Brush Massager to get rid of the blackheads. But don’t do it more then once a week so you won’t disturb the skin’s natural oil layers and not cause unnecessary inflammation!Untitled
• Don’t pick them out! If you won’t be able to get the whole pimple to stick out, it will only irritate the bacteria in it. This will cause it to grow and spread on your face!


• Don’t ever scrub your face. In cleaning it, use a gentle cleanser and toner! It is important to choose tIMG_5914he RIGHT TONER!
• Benzoyl peroxide solutions like Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Wash work great in opening and clearing up the pores. And calming the inflammation, too! You may buy it directly from drugstores. Choose the right %, depending on how bad your acnes are. If your skin is too sensitive, try a gentler alternative like rosAzelaic Acid or Rosacea Treatment Gel.
• Take antibiotics and pills. You need to see the doctor to know which ones you need to take. The doctor will conduct a blood test. Based on your blood’s chemical results, they will prescribe you with exactly what you need.


1) BE GENTLE WITH YOUR SKIN. Use a soft towel and soft bedding sheets. Wear cotton, silk and linen-breathable clothes. Avoid tight-fitting clothes.
If your wear tight clothes, it takes a long time for sweat to disappear, forming a layer on your skin. It will eventually clog your pores, worsening your existing pimples.
2) WATCH OUT FOR HEAVY SWEAT. Take a shower right after hitting the gym. If you work in extremely humid environments and you feel sticky, shower or at least wash your face and neck before your sweat cools off.

3) AVOID STEROIDS AND HORMONAL PILLS unless they are prescribed by your doctor to treat your acne! These may affect your body hormonal system and trigger an oil imbalance, asurefire way to cause a painful swelling acnes on your beautiful adult face!


REMEMBER: Heavy Duty acne needs to be treated for 5 more years after they are cured by the initial treatment. This is to make sure that they will never visit you again.


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