This subject is valuable, especially during the summer time. It may seem that using sunscreen is a pretty easy task, so usually, we don’t pay much attention to the details which may cause us fall into a trap and unexpectedly still get a melanoma on skin.


  1. First of all, pick the right sunscreen. If you plan to go hiking or walk around with friends, you better apply a sunscreen of SPF 30. If you are a hardcore outdoors activist or planning to go to the beach, SPF 50 would be just fine. If you plan on swimming in water, make sure to pick a Waterproof sunscreen to keep your skin well protected.


  1. It is important to check an expiration date on a package! After the date is due, the sunscreen loses its protective properties, and there is zero effect from applying it. You are ending up just applying a greasy moisturizer and taking the risk of getting a skin cancer. So you can throw away you favorite sunscreen from summer 2010.



  1. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you go outside and remember to reapply it every 2 hours.


  1. And now is the best part – apply carefully it all over your body, make sure you pay attention to the places where the bones are – those places are more sensitive to the sun and should get the dose of sunscreen first. Apply sunscreen to the easy-burn places: right near your swimming suit, on your forehead, scalp and lips.

When applying a sunscreen, you don’t need to massage it into your skin, because it’s developed just for the surface. So no need to treat it like a moisturizer.


Pay special attention to the moles you have on your body – make sure they always covered up and thoroughly protected from the UV Rays. Moles are the most sensitive, and if after your sunbathing day you see one growing or changing in shape, you should immediately see the doctor.


And remember, together with the skin cancer, the sun can cause a cataract on your eyes and a heat stroke to your body, so wear sunglasses, hat and make sure to stay hydrated! We are consist of water on 90% and easily evaporate under the sun!

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