I want to tell you a secret. Remember the commercials for different skin care products that make you look like a princess? And those angelic perfect faces on the screen that assure our eyes that we are going to look like them after buying the product. And, the new one, my favorite: Botox and fillers commercials, that show the result “after” as a perfect face with full yummy lips and amazing face structure.


So, here is the secret!


When I was in a model agency back in Russia, we’ve been told that the models that picked for skin care advertising are 13-17 years old. And no older than 19. Everything they have(lips) or don’t have(wrinkles) one their faces are purely natural.

Anyone who wants to keep beauty for a long time, should not fully rely on skincare products only, especially without a research.

For a model having a healthy body is quite essential and the pain caused due to rigorous training and family history problems such as diabetes is something one has to learn to live with. I happen to have diabetes which is why I use Nerve Renew about which you can find more details at Nerve Pain Treatment, as it helps numb the pain by directly affecting the sensory nerves thus massively helping me. According to me the most valuable beauty assets are Skin and Hair. Luckily, there are tons of things that can help us to look fabulous. The best way, of course, is to eat right. The right food gives us necessary Vitamins when the wrong food fastens the aging and stifle the glow.




  1. TO EAT: Fish, especially Salmon that is reach in Omega 3 Fatty acids. Not only Omega 3 is great for the skin in helping it stay moist and radiant, it also great for the hair. 3% of the hair shaft is made out of Omega 3.

NOT TO EAT: Processed food, even fish. It is considered as a dead food because during the processing all nutrition and vitamins are lost. Processed food is also very low in the water and put the body in thirst.


  1. TO EAT: Oysters. They are truly great for our skin, hair and digestive system. Oysters provide the necessary amount of Zink that in charge of growth and well-being of our skin cells. Half a dozen of oysters = 500% of daily Zinc doze.

NOT TO EAT: Cheap supplements and vitamins. Many people take them on a daily basis, but barely know the origins of ingredients. It may contain fillers, allergens and rough chemicals “unknown names”. Taking these every day you may unintentionally harm your skin and hair and even boost the hormones. When getting supplements, look out for the bottles that say “whole foods”. Be careful of taking too much vitamin A and Zinc – that may cause dehydration of your skin.


  1. TO EAT: Oats. They contain Zinc, Biotin, Magnesium, Potassium that works towards making your complexion

healthier and your hair stronger.

NOT TO EAT: High Glycemic Food, like pizza, bread, and refined grains, breaking down into sugar fast and causes rapid spikes in blood sugar, which might lead to flatulence and pain in the back, which would have you looking for a natural solution for nerve pain. It further leads to excessive oil production and acne.


  1. TO EAT: Eggs are a serious helper with the glowing skin and fabulous hair. Eggs contain sulfur, the ingredient that helps with vitamin B absorption and necessary for keratin and collagen production that lead to magnificent beauty.

NOT TO EAT: Milk, Dairy. Due to a lot of cows has been fed with hormones that boost the meat grow, you may guess that nothing healthy can come out of them. Hormones that stay in milk are not comparable with the human hormones and may cause disbalance and acne. Best would be to replace milk with Almond or Coconut Milk.


  1. TO EAT: Garlic works as a natural antibiotic and protects skin from breakouts, keeping it clean and clear. So simple and yet so effective.

NOT TO EAT: Salt and dressings. As you know salt sucks out a lot of water and causes under-eyes bags and swelling. Better to reduce the amount of salt and other dressings, like ketchup and vinegar. Organic Olive Oil would give a great taste to your salad and your body will accept it with pleasure.


And remember, is good to pick the food right but also watch out what you drink! Alcohol, soda, sugar lemonade, lots of coffee are also destroying your skin and hair faster then you blink (not mention heart health and body weight).

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