Lips are the most sensitive and attractive part on our faces. But most of the time the way we treat them is not that special. We give it a portion of our face cream and we apply a lip gloss that may contain harsh chemicals and simple alcohol (very popular in lip balms). As a result, our lips get dry, wrinkly and unattractive over the years. And we scroll through the pictures of ourselves many years ago and craving for the lips we used to have.


But we can change that! We just need to treat our lips them way they need. And here is why:


1)   The skin on our lips has about 4 cellular layers when our face has 16 (!). This why skin is thinner on lips and blood vessels are much closer that gives lips it’s reddish color.

2)   The skin on lips does not have hair or oil glands. The skin on lips can’t produce any body oil or sweat that can nourish, regulate the temperature and protect it. Therefore lips are cracking and drying out easily.


Needless to say, that fuller healthier and moist lips are naturally more attractive and sexy (even on a subconscious level).


So let’s see what’s the key elements to perfect our lips and make them more attractive:

  1. When I discovered, immediately fell in love with the thing like Sugar Lips Scrub. It contains oils and Shea Butter to nourish your lips + scrubs the dead skin with the sugar granules. No need to rinse it off – just leak your lips off the leftovers. Organic Lip Exfoliator makes your lips super kissable.


2. There is a new thing to treat your lips is Miracle Lips Serum Propolis/Tea Tree Oil. It contains a lot of nourishing oils and perfect at treating the cracks, dryness, and even cold sores. Including this into your lips therapy will help lips to stay at their best for a long time.


3. The perfect way to keep your lips moist during the whole night, it to apply a layer of Vaseline on it. Vaseline is protecting lips from losing moisture, so you can see how full and moist your lips in a morning. Apply Vaseline on lips itself, or after you put an oil on it.

vaseline4. Cool dry air is not harming our lips all alone, there is also the sun which still burning it. When buying a lips balm, consider one with SPF in it. Like Kiss My Face SPF 30 or the more stylish one, with a sexy tint Fresh Sugar Rose SPF 15.

sugarrose5. And if you still want to have some magic on your lips to be done – have a Gold Plumping Lip Mask: for fuller, sexier lips. Mask have the good combination of nourishing oils in it, so this is my pick.


And remember, your natural beauty is the most attractive thing on your partner’s subconscious level. Please try to stay away from lip injections and care your unique beauty with the pride!

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