Skincare products definitely help your skin, but natural blood circulation with the help of Nerve Renew whose reviews you can find on gives the best natural effects as it directly affects the nerves in a positive manner. The increase in blood circulation intensity that you have when you do sports helps release toxins as well as free radicals from your skin much faster. It’s as good as getting treated by various types of LED light for skin rejuvenation but with fun alongside it. Basically, playing sports cleans your skin from the inside. Sport also causes your skin cells to increase active collagen production and release the stress. This makes your skin shine, glow and look energized.

Remember to take a shower before you exercise, because the sweat and oils on your body can develop into new acne on your skin when you start exercising.

Wear loose work out clothes. If you have a tight bra, top or leggings during the exercise, sweat gets stuck inside your pores, causing acne to develop on your skin.

yoga-1027245_1920If you have skin conditions such as acnes, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema, you should pick calmer exercise conditions like yoga, swimming or jogging. Try doing them in a cool environment too.

In addition, if you have skin rashes, eczema or psoriasis, apply a thin layer of moisturizer before you start your workout.


Be cautious when you exercise on open environments. When your blood circulates very fast, the absorption of UV radiation and sun beams become extra fast too. And this can cause skin cancer.

Try to exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun is not scorching hot. Avoid outside activities between the hours of 11 to 3 pm. Be sure to wear strong sunscreen when you exercise outside. I recommend ones with an SPF factor of 110.

You should also know that while exercising, sweat removes the sunscreen from skin faster, making it more vulnerable to the sun. To counter this, wear long sleeved shirts, exercising pants and a hat that will cover most of your skin.



When you workout indoors, go to places with good ventilation, ones where the air circulates and stays fresh for the duration of your workout.

Bring with you your towels, personal mat and sanitizing wipes. This way, avoid using other people’s personal things which contains their sweat.

Take a shower after your exercise if possible. If not, just wash your face and neck with the cold water.

Apply a moisturizer or a moisturizing sunscreen after.


Don’t let your skin conditions stop you from exercising. Workout boosts your immune system like nothing else and evens your skin tone. On top of that, it gives you energy and makes you feel great! And we know how that feeling makes your beauty from the inside glow!


REMEMBER to drink a lot of water. Our body loses most of it during exercising. We need to gain it back so we avoid looking like a dehydrated dried plum.


True beauty comes from inside: Exercise and look beautiful!

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