Winter time sounds very romantic, doesn’t it?

Only for people in California!

winter-20234_960_720I’ve experienced real hardcore winters, having grown up in Russia. I’m ready to tell you all about how to protect your skin in a cold weather.

Even though California does not have a “real winter”, the chilling season still arrives, bringing with it a cold, dry air and wind. People are turning on the indoor heaters and enjoy longer, frequent and hotter showers. Do you know that each one of these elements is destroying and aging your skin?

If you have eczema or psoriasis, you have to treat skin more intensively and be more careful with your lifestyle. Here are tips on how to take care of your skin during winter:

  • The warm heat is not your friend. As soon as you turn your heater on, it starts drying out your skin. Make sure you set it below 78 degrees for it to be less harmful. Stay away from heated pads, fire pits, and open heaters — they are too strong and will burn your skin layer long before your body warms up from it.
  • Turn down the heat when you wash your body. Hot water removes the skin’s natural oils and destroys the moisture layer.
  • Wear clothes to cover most of your skin. Always wear a wool sweater only on top of cotton, linen or silk shirt. Wool Fibers, when in contact with your bare skin may irritate its protective moisture layer and scratch out its natural oils.
  • Consume food rich in healthy fats. Seafood and fish are very rich in Omega3 and healthy fats. This diet heavily favored by Eskimos to keep their skin from losing moisture and in turn, produce necessary oils. You can also find healthy fats in avocados and nuts.

Hydrating your body at leas twice a day is a very good idea – after your morning and evening shower. When we sleep our blood circulates faster, so the products we apply on our skin gets absorbed better:


  1. Make sure you moisturize your hands, lower back and lsolid-formula-cocoa-butterower legs more often. The greasier your cream is, the better. I use Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E – haven’t found anything better than this. Plus, it smells good and it really makes my skin silky and smooth like a baby’s butt.

Important to know: The skin on your hands and feet is thinner than on most parts of the body. On these areas lie a more sensitive oil layer, making them more vulnerable for dryness and cracking. I usually use Hydrating and Moisturizing Gloves and Socks – 20 minutes a day will make a big difference in winter season.

  1. Our eyes are drying out as fast as our body does! We can help our eyes stay moist by applying warm compressors once a day, or once a week – any input is better then nothing. You can use warm teabags or heated eye compressors to help with tear secretion. I use Dry Eye Moist Heat Compress, which is good for daily use.
  1. Skin areas which are always exposed — cheeks, ankles and hands — will dry out much faster. So, cover up by wearing accessories like scarf, gloves, long socks and earmuffs.

And, right before going outside, always put Rehydrating Sunscreen with Vitamins A, B, C and E on ssyour face, lip balm on your lips, Lubricant Eye Gel in your eyes and Dry Skin Hand Cream on your hands! And make sure you’ll take this skincare kit with you and use it throughout the day!



Now you’re fully equipped with the knowledge how to protect your skin in a cold weather and ready for the fun winter activities!




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