We are all different, and so are as our skins. Giving “set in stone instructions” on how to improve it would not be right and effective. Today I want to talk specifically about oily skin, why it occurs and how to take care of it the best way possible.

Genetically, people with oily skin have slower skin aging process thus, wrinkles are barely coming their way.soy-146694_960_720

There are two things that cause oily skin:

  1. Your genetics. You were born with larger oil glands which is capable of more oil production, therefore, your pores are larger. Someone in your family might have it too.
  2. Acquired from the environment. Your oil glands work harder and produce more oil in cases of:
  • Climate change. As you move or travel through different climate zones, your skin is trying to adjust. Depending on the environment, it switches from dry to oily and back. And you may need completely different skin care products to maintain it as your skin adapts. When I go back to visit my hometown in Russia, my skin gets very oily because of humid conditions. I need to use extremely heavy moisturizer, which is not recommended for my skin when I am in LA.
  • Tanning. A lot of people I know tend to go get tanned to solve oily skin problems and get rid of their acne and pimples. Even girl-307213_960_720though tanning really does dry out your skin and pimples, it’s effect is only temporary. What you DON’T realize is your oil glands are trying to adjust to protect your skin from drying out and thus, increases its oil production!


  • Overuse of skincare products. If you constantly try different products on your skin and you don’t give it a chance to breathe on its own, you may experience skin stress and disbalance. When this happens, excessive oils are produced as a result. Anti-acne products such as benzoyl, other acids and other skin products require you to use them only parts that need it. Some even require you not to wash your skin more often than twice a day. Now, if you use tons of products on your face, you might not be able to track all these requirements, causing skin irritation.
  • Food and pills. You already know the connection between clean eating and clean skin. If your favorite meal is a GMO Hamburger with extra mayo, greasy fries (mmm I love fries) with diet coke… Or if you like drinking gallons of beer, eating chocolate, munching on chips dipped in mayo… Then, cheeseburger-34314_960_720you are most likely going to experience the whole bucket: extra sweating, inflammation, acne, oily skin, wrinkles, grayish colored face, eye bags and so on.


Either the cause of your oily skin is genetics or acquired from the environment or your lifestyle, you want to treat it and make it look beautiful!




  1. egg-155141_960_720EGG WHITE MASK is a very popular remedy for oily skin. It can be even used to fight acne scars. Egg white is rich in vitamin A, which nourishes your skin pretty well. The mask will also tighten your skin and remove extra oils, leaving your skin firmer with a healthy glow!
  2. APPLE MASK is pretty remedy that’s easy to make. Just shred an apple and apply all over your skin. Appl will exfoliate the dead cells, absorb the extra oils and even your skin tone.
  3. ALOE VERA and LEMON JUICE have a lot of benefits for your skin. This combination is widely used for facial masks to aloe-vera-982055_960_720treat acne, oily skin and even the skin tone. Just mix them together and apply on your face for 15-20 minutes. You can also add them to egg whites for enhanced skin glow.




  1. MUD MASK is a basic facial mask which can be used to treat your oily skin. Clay has been used for centuries mudmask— from Cleopara to Marilyn Monroe — so you may want to use it too! Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure Body Naturals combines all the needed ingredients and will perfectly correct your oil balance and tighten your pores.Use it once or twice a week for needed results.
  1. CLEANSER for oily skin should contain ingredients like Lemongrass, Vitamin C or Aloe Vera – they are the best in treating oily skin. Plus, they have a lot of benefits for other skin types as well. The key is in using organic natural plants. I found Vitamin C Cleanser with Aloe Vera by InstaNatural as the best one in this category. Wash your face twice a day in cool water for the best results.

3. TONERS have the same rules as with cleansers – look for those that are made from natural organic plants toner. The vitamins will surely serve your oily skin treatment. Facial Toner by OZ Naturals is organic and contains Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid and Witch Hazel, making it a perfect choice for your oily skin.

4. SUNSCREEN is very much needed for your skin. As we all know, the UV rays from the sun is drying out our skin, causing our oil glands to become more aggressive. Choose oil-free sunscreen that is chemical-free. It alsho should have a light structure like serumElta MD UV SPF 45.

5. MOISTURIZER is very important for oily skin because oils have nothing to do with moisturizing! Your moisturizer should be oil-free with a light structure. These moisturizing cream choices are very specific and I highly recommend them — Vitamin E + C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid , Topical Organic Skin Care by Pure Body Naturals and Oil-free Olay Total Effect Anti-Aging Moisturizer.

One more effective thing to do with your oily skin is to apply extra olive oil on your face at night. With the extra oils, your oil glands won’t feel the need to produce as much oil, slowing down its production!

Have fun with your skin and let me know the results! :*

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