A month ago I got these two creams: Allegresse 24 K Gold Silhouette Moisturizer for me and Bio Anti-Wrinkle for my mom, the creams that contain 24 karat gold in it. I am a pretty skeptical person, so when I see a shiny package with even shinier names, my trust detector signals towards the ingredients list. And to my pleasant surprise here what I discovered:


It does contain a lot of natural and beneficial ingredients such as avocado oil, olive, aloe, shea butter, bee wax, flower extract, vitamin E and gold (those are my favorite, but there are more of those that you can see for yourself on a picture).


The tricky part that I always watch out for is the type of alcohol the cream contains. Alcohol plays an important role in keeping all the extract together in an easily applicable cream mass and also helps your skin to absorb much-needed vitamins and minerals. I was happy to discover that the alcohol they have are Cetearyl and Cetyl, which are natural, fatty alcohols and in opposite to simple alcohol they are actually moisturizing and soften your skin without harm.


And since we all live in a real world there are no saint people so as no saint creams. This product contains perfume in it which is not good for the skin, but since it’s one of the last in the list of the ingredients, the concentration of it pretty small.


I tried Silhouette Moisturizing Cream and gave some of it to my friends to try too. The feedback I got from them was that the cream is very soft and light. The small amount of it is enough to cover the face and neck. And even though we all have different skin types, they liked it a lot and asked about the name of the product. I have the same impression, and could see how my skin feels great in a morning and during the day and doesn’t give the oily effect which is typical for the moisturizers. So I would say this moisturized does it’s work pretty well, absorbs quick and makes the skin texture pleasant. Does a good job and not causing additional problems to my sensitive skin so I can nicely apply my makeup right after.


My mom used a Bio Anti-Wrinkle Cream and liked it. She said it made the skin relaxed and fresh. It soothes the overall skin appearance and wrinkles lose their hard lines, so the face appears more radiant and pleasant.


This was my honest review on Allegresse 24K Gold Silhouette Moisturizer and Bio Anti-Wrinkles cream, and I would recommend this skin care line.

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