We hear a lot about Nerium from various sources. You may know someone who sells it, or you may saw an advertisement of it on an internet. Or maybe the pictures “before” and “after” caught your eye?

I was very curious about whether this product is that good as they say. And whether this plant Nerium Oleander Leaf is that powerful to turn your aging process back in time in just a month.

I got Nerium Firming Cream for my mom and trial has begun.

Overall she liked the product and could see the result. Her skin became more firm and tight. Of course, you can’t achieve the same result as the surgery does. My mom has never done any surgery and was pretty happy with the cream. She hasn’t experienced any after effect.


What the Nerium company says about Firming Body Contour Cream:
“Our Body Contour Cream is a potent, clinically tested firming treatment powered by NAE-8. This formula is fortified with forskolin root and caffeine to help smooth, tone and tighten problem areas and improve the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. Green tea leaf extract and white willow bark provide soothing benefits, while shea and cocoa butter hydrate the skin”.

There are various opinions on this product – some consider it a new step in skin care , some consider it toxic. You can read about both of them here: Nerium is Great and Nerium is Toxic.

At the end of the day you decide what works for you and what methods you use to stay young longer. We live in the world where it’s hard to be sure even where our water comes from.
This was my honest review for the product Nerium Firming Cream. Welcome to share your results and thoughts as well!

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