I would like to tell you about another cool product I found. It is pretty unique, and it is one of a kind. By saying one of a kind I literally mean One Of A Kind.

The company focused on one specific Citrus Splash Body Wash to make it most natural and suitable for all our skin types. And they did a great job.


What I like about it is that aside from being a body wash, it is also mild exfoliating scrub. I have a lot of scrubs in my bathroom, but unfortunately, I forget about them and only use a body wash. Body wash makes a shower process fast and easy especially when your only wish is to dive into bed after a long-long day. So here we go – no need to worry about scrubs and still keep your skin in a silky and smooth condition every day.


Purity Body Wash has a very refreshing citrus scent and a cosmic color. Shining silver reminds me of the show “The Invisible Man”. It makes it kivvnd of interesting to look at and apply to the skin (maybe gives some superpower as well? :P)


My favorite ingredients in this body wash are organic aloe, sweet orange peel oil, coconut oil and the scrub part that made of walnut shell powder.





Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin

Purity has combined nature’s most essential moisturizers, exfoliants, and healing agents into one rejuvenating body wash. Our proprietary blend of organic aloe, sweet orange peel oil, coconut oil, and crushed walnut shells replenish your skin. These ingredients eliminate dead skin and heal dry skin, keeping your skin healthy and soft.


Natural beauty

Purity does not contain parabens, sulfates, dyes, or other chemicals that can pose a health risk and irritate the skin. In fact, our sweet orange peel and coconut oils are known for their anti-irritating properties and for their ability to promote healthy, clear skin. Purity is very successful at giving relief to individuals with eczema, acne, psoriasis, and others who typically don’t react well to products with synthetic additives.


Smell amazing all day

Purity’s natural ingredients give it a uniquely refreshing citrus scent that will leave you smelling fresh all day. The first thing that our customers say after trying Purity is that they can’t believe how good it smells. That’s because we worked hard to ensure that we have the best smelling natural body wash available.


Amazon customers are pretty happy with the purchase as well and giving it a solid 5 STAR.

The market for Body Wash is overwhelmed with all kinds of products and it is very nice to find one that is making you happy with the scent, looks, the way it feels and the way skin feels during and after the shower. So if you want to experience something new, I would recommend to try Purity Body Wash Citrus Splash.

Purity Body Wash is easy to get on Amazon  promo code OLYASKIN for 15% discount. 

Enjoy! :D

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