You know that stress is good for you in a small dose? It gives you that amount of adrenalin that keeps you on alert and active for the whole day.


Small stress stimulates your brain produce neurotrophins that are in charge of productivity and focus. That is how the exercise, a physical stressor, helps you stay motivated with the clear mind.

Stress may sound very good now, but if you overuse it in your favor, you start to experience the opposite effect: you can get sick, start losing memory, can have an intense acne breakout, making wrong decisions and falling into a deep depression.


Relaxation is still much more beneficial for your body. You can achieve a clear skin, even skin tone, and better complexion just by giving yourself some peace. And there are plenty of choices: meditation, massage, sauna, spa, yoga, walk, swimming and even sleep!


When you don’t have much time to relax because life is actively happening, it’s good to pick some fast and effective relaxation method such as nails bed.


Nails bed was originated in India thousand years ago, to help people relax and meditate better. The bed is not that painful as it looks because there are a lot of nails that support a body, and it’s weight allocates equally and in balance. If there would be just one nail on a bed, would be hurtful. There for experienced yogis increase the distance of nails on a bed to increase the difficulty of laying still when that metal picks digging into the skin.


Healthy properties of nails bed:


1)   Instant muscles relief.

2)    Boosts blood circulation, which provides better skin complexion.

3)   Trains mental strength and will power.

4)   Tremendously increases health condition and fights depression.


Every cell of our skin is connected to a particular body organ and communicates with a certain brain cell.

Nails bed gives proper relaxation to all the skin parts that we don’t even know that need it.


Very effective is to stand on nails. Our feet have all the points that connect to every organ in our body. By standing on nails you heal your organs.


Nail’s bed is such a great solution to the proper relaxation that people created a simple alternative: Acupressure Mats. Those mats have plastic picks, very light and easy transportable. You can get a pillow (for you neck), mat (for your body and feet). They come in different sizes and colors and will suit everyone.


And remember, mental relaxation is equally important. To give your brain some piece you can do a meditation, or a guided meditation (from YouTube). Even to play with your kids and pets will help. You need to switch your focus from the inside of your head to the outside – and your brain start feels much better.

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