Everybody needs sunscreen, especially nowadays when a lot of new chemicals are freely released into the atmosphere, causing more and more ozone holes to appear.

Ozone is the layer in our atmosphere that has a thick Oxygen uvozoneconcentration. On the spots where Oxygen is disturbed and exhausted, the layer gets thinner and the ozone hole occurs. The Ozone layer protects our planet from the harmful UV rays. Without this layer, these UV rays can easily kill plants, animals, cause cancer and cataracts for people.
The effects of the sun on our skin include freckles on our neck, spine and hands; dark spots; and new moles.
A type of skin cancer, called melanoma, can occur inside and around your moles. So, you always need to cover your mole with sunscreen. If your mole is changing shape or gets itchy, you should immediately see a dermatologist. It’s important to detect skin cancer at the early stage in order to treat it.


1. SUN TAN. If you like to spend longs days on the beach getting your body a beautiful tan, you should know that the most dangerous sun is sunfrom 12 to 3 pm. During these hours, you get no longer a tan, but sunburns. I would compare it to drink a bottle of vodka at one gulp – you’ll get wasted, throw up and pass out instead of having a nice party by drinking cocktails all night. So you should be careful when you get a tan. The best tan you get is from early in the morning until around 11 am and during a couple of hours before sunset. Sun at that time is mild. Your skin will be safely tanned and you will get subtle tans, absolutely better effects! When you go tanning, use sunscreen spray. It’s the best option as you can cover every part of your body with it. Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Coconut Spray Sunscreen SPF 50 serves the purpose just right..
liprAlso remember to always protect your lips. Our lips have a very sensitive and thin skin, making it an easy target for skin cancer. Apply lipbalm that contains SPF like SUGAR LIP TREATMENT SPF 15. It’s very smooth and it feels comfortable on your lips. Pick the color that suits you best.

2. WINTER SPORTS. White snow shine is dangerous because it reflects up to 94% of harmful UV Radiation. At this rate, you basically get double kermit-70118_960_720radiation exposure: from the sun and from the snow. When you go play winter sports, make sure to apply the most powerful sunscreen on exposed parts of your body. Neutrogena Age Shield Face Lotion Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 110 is my strong recommendation.

3. CLOUDS. While very thick clouds may protect you from the UV Rays th50bat cause sunburn, it somehow magnifies the sun’s radiation which goes through it. It can affect our bodies, causing aging, wrinkles and even cancer. Be aware of that and use a light sunscreen that suits your skin type like La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Tinted Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid.

4. WIND, SAND, LOW AND HIGH TEMPERATURES. These factors play a role in in destroying the skin’s protective natural oil layer and water balance. Knowing that, re-apply your sunscreen more often and try not to expose your skin to these factors.

One more little tip: When you’re near a body of water, double your sun protection! It’s because water reflects 5-8% of UV Radiation. Always have a sunscreen with you and re-apply it on your skin every hour! Use a lip balm! Put your sunglasses on! And wear hat!



Now that we are all equipped with the knowledge and possibly with the right sunscreen, we can enjoy our favorite activities under the sun like the sailing trips.IMG_6685

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