Oily skin is a very popular condition and a pretty annoying one especially in the summer. Hot days and bright sun make oil glands more active and productive. Very often what we want to do in this case –we want to burn that oil with alcohol or press it into the skin by constantly applying a face powder. But unfortunately those actions will lead to even more oily shiny face.

So what is the solution? Don’t fight it! Accept it! And start using a right skin care:

  1. The most common problem with your oily skin that you want to fix right now is a shiny face you deal with throughout the day. And most common mistake is to constantly applying a powder on top of it. After a few layers, your pores are getting clogged and acne can occur. Instead, use oil absorbing sheets with green tea extract by Boscia.11
  2. To control your oil glands in a long lasting perspective, consider to use a simple clay or mud mask twice a week. One of the best sellers on Amazon is Dead Sea Mud Mask by Area Starr.22
  3. Sunscreen is very important, thought it is very tempting to put your bare face under the sun to burn that oil down! Unfortunately most sunscreens are very oily and applying it on top of oily skin, face will look like a butter ball. Elta MD SPF 45 is a light oil-free sunscreen. 33
  4. Same story goes for the moisturizers. Yes, you still need to moisturize your oily skin – oils may protect you from fine lines, but have nothing to do with the hydration. Neutrogena offers Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free moisturizer that won’t clog the pores and help with the breakouts.44
  5. Based on same principle as a Moisturizer, Neutrogena developed tinted Acne Correct & Cover that will work good on your oily skin.55
  6. Toner for oily skin should never have simple alcohol in it. Yes, face shows instant result, but indeed alcohol is drying your skin on a deeper levels as well which is the signal for oil glands to start producing oil twice harder. Use alcohol-free toners or the ones with the fatty alcohol (that comes from plants), like Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petals Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera.66
  7. I know that you want to get rid of oil, but how about to cure oil with the oil? Herbal Face Oil for Oily and Acne prone skin contains a lot of plants extracts that will help you skin to stabilize your skin oil balance by nourishing your skin with the healing herbs.717v9Mi3HKL._SY355_
  8. Another important skin treatment is the Serum. Serum nourishing your skin on a deeper levels, when moisturizer only works with the surface. Skinology Anti Acne Serum is working towards healing acne, minimizing pores and is good for a sensitive skin.88
  9. Another important step is washing your skin. Do not wash your face more then twice a day and remember to wash your neck and shoulders as well. Face wash should not contain alcohol and better not to foam a lot, since foam is a pure chemicals. Christina Moss Organic Facial Wash is perfect for oily skin and contains a lot of healing extracts like Coconut, Aloe, Sunflower Seed Oil, Resemary flower extract and more, Shea Butter and more. 99
  10. And the last but not least, in the face powder. It may be hard to go without it, so I’d recommend to go with mineral powder that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and let your face breeze. My choice is Laura Mercier Mineral Powder with SPF 15 so it’s great for summer. 10


And remember, if you eat a lot of fast food and products that contain too much fat – your oil glands will be more active versus when you eat clean. Dehydration may stress oil glands as well, so be aware and always have some water with you.

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